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STAR – Sandite Team for Animal Rescue – is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in Sand Springs, Oklahoma dedicated to the rescue and care of abused, neglected and homeless pets.  Our goal is to help save these pets and place them in appropriate adoptive homes.

STAR is an entirely volunteer organization that promotes pet rescue through charitable fundraising, volunteerism, and promotion of spay/neuter practices.  Our fundraising supports necessary veterinary expenses, food, supplies and transport of pets to adoptive homes.  STAR relies upon foster homes for pets awaiting adoption, and is always interested in new fosters for pets.

Sandite Team for Animal Rescue

Do YOURSELF (and your community) a Favor — Adopt a Pet!


Have you ever heard that pets can be good for your health? Well, it’s true! Studies have shown that pets can improve your health in many ways. They can improve your mood and attitude, they can reduce stress and lower blood pressure, and they can keep us more active, which can have many health benefits. Pet ownership can have very positive health and psychological benefits for the owner, and adopting a pet can be a life-saver for a homeless, neglected or abused pet.

For over five years, the Sandite Team for Animal Rescue has been saving furry lives (and maybe some human ones too!) in our community. STAR is an all-volunteer, grass roots effort to save innocent pets primarily in the Sand Springs area from neglect, mistreatment and death. STAR has provided veterinary care, spay/neuter services, transport services, and foster care for hundreds of dogs and cats. Through fundraising, sponsorships and donations, these helpless animals have been placed in loving, forever homes and are given a second chance at life.

Pets who have had a hard knock in life are not always trusting and often become fearful. Animal shelters are noisy, scary, hard places to live. However, once shelter pets, pets on the street or pets in an abusive situation spend time in a loving home or environment, they learn to trust again and can become loyal, loving companions. The best way to help a homeless or abused pet find a forever home is for the pet to stay in a foster home before it transitions to a forever home. In a relatively short period of time, pets can become more socialized again and much more adoptable. STAR is always looking for foster homes where adoptable pets can stay until they are adopted. STAR covers the veterinary and other expenses of pets placed in foster homes. All a foster home needs is a safe environment where a pet can be shown the kindness they deserve.

The pets currently available for adoption through STAR:


TIPPY – 1 year old Border Collie mix, three legged wonder, house trained, cool white markings on her beautiful black coat, and of course a white tip on her tail.


ROADIE – 1 year old Weimeraner hound mix, docked or bobbed tail, house trained, red chestnut color coat and nice physique.


STRETCH – 5 year old Chihuahua, house trained, tan coat, and wants to please.


LUCY – 4 month old Beagle mix, working on house training, beautiful tri-colored markings, a little shy but very loving.


STAR is a registered Charitable Organization founded and supported by SANDITES! Donations to STAR are tax deductible, and there are no paid staff at STAR, so all donations and funds raised are used directly to benefit homeless, abused and neglected pets in need. The goal is to provide love, care and support to the least fortunate pets in our community, and make our community better for all. If you would like to become a member of STAR, volunteer, become a foster, or find out more about the great work STAR is doing, you can find them on Facebook! The life you save may be your own!


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