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2016 Rescues

73            This included puppies, injured and abandoned animals, surrendered pets and some from the City Animal Welfare.   More Foster Families are needed.  The few that we have are full and can’t take on more until the ones we have get adopted. It hurts our heart to not be able to help when we get calls. We could do so much more with more fosters.  Please consider this calling.

Foster animals for STAR:
STAR relies upon foster homes for the animals rescued, and is always in search of additional families willing to foster adoptable pets. STAR will remain responsible for all veterinary and transport expenses associated with all STAR animals until they are adopted. Allowing rescued animals to experience the love and safety of a foster family dramatically improves opportunities for successful adoption by calming, reassuring and socializing pets that are often scared and lonely. If you are interested in exploring helping us save lives by becoming a foster for STAR pets, please call us at (918) 260-5738.
Being a STAR Foster is incredibly rewarding – give it a try!

Donate to STAR:
All donations to STAR go directly to support the rescue of abused, neglected and homeless companion animals with the goal of placing them in appropriate adoptive homes. STAR covers the cost of veterinary expenses necessary for adoption and transport, including examinations, vaccinations, spay/neuter and transport fees. STAR receives a veterinary discount for its rescued animals. Average veterinary expenses range from approximately $120.00 to $200.00, depending upon the needs of the animal. All donations qualify as charitable donations for tax purposes.

Membership with STAR:
Help STAR by becoming a STAR Member! Members receive the STAR Newsletter, and upon request will also receive email notification of upcoming STAR events. Click HERE [Ideally we will have a link here that will take you to the membership form below which can be printed and mailed in with the Donation.] for a printable membership form.

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