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Lucky Dog Newsletter 2015

                   Sgt. Pepper

photo 3This poor little guy was a Sand Springs stray who ended up at the animal shelter and was absolutely petrified there.  STAR President Lisa Riggs and her husband Gary Meek agreed to foster him until a home could be found.  STAR covered his veterinary check and vaccinations, and Lisa and Gary named him Sgt. Pepper.  After a couple of months of socialization with 5 other dogs and 2 cats, Sgt. Pepper was a happy, healthy boy ready for his forever home.  A wonderful family in Hutchinson, Kansas adopted Sgt. Pepper – and they loved his name so much they kept it!  Attached are pictures of this lucky STAR dog!

photo 2 photo 1 photo 4 photo 5


   The Pitiful Little Pit Pup

Lillie great

Lillie is our poster dog for 2013.  She was lying in the middle of the road on 41st street in Prattville.  When a car drove up on her, she didn’t move.  The lady pulled over and got Lillie in the car.  She was very thin and had mange.  STAR paid for the vet expenses and the lady who found Lillie, fostered her.  It took 3 months of groceries and medications to get her healthy.  Lillie was adopted at a Petsmart adoption event by teenage twin sisters who fell in love with her!

Lillie pitiful




The Coonhounds

        “Where the Red Fern Grows”

Coons healthyZac & Cody were the little coonhounds picked up on Coyote Trail.  They were on the side of the road, and their mother had just been run over and killed.  An 8 month pregnant lady got out of her car to try to catch them.  She tried to flag down other drivers for help, but no one would stop.  The lady managed to catch them and get them in her car!  Poor Zac & Cody were so thin and had intestinal parasites.  They had been eating trash and leaves.  Everyone said they looked like the puppies from the movie, “Where the Red Fern Grows.”   STAR fostered them for 5 weeks and had posted them on Petfinders and the local newspaper, Pet of the Week.  They had not received any interest, so they were put on the application list to go to a rescue in Colorado.  They got accepted by a rescue called “My Fairy Dog Mother” and were adopted within a week.  Zac & Cody were adopted together by a retired veteran living on 4 acres!  So happy for them!


         Pregnant and No Place to Go

Girlfriend pups 1Girlfriend showed up pregnant at a house off Anderson Road and started sleeping on their patio.  The lady of the house posted her on facebook and was calling rescues trying to get someone to take her.  Girlfriend was a very unusual looking dog, with a shepherd face, long body, and short legs.  She was so PG her belly almost touched the ground!  STAR took her in and fostered her until she had her puppies.  Girlfriend had 10, yes 10 beautifully marked little puppies!  Girlfriend had the sweetest personality and was a great Mom!  Within one week after the puppies were born, STAR transported them to a rescue in Colorado, Mutt Haven Pet Rescue.  There they were fostered until they were old enough to be adopted.  And unbelievably, Girlfriend was adopted before any of the pups were adopted!  Now all the puppies have been adopted as well, and Girlfriend has her second chance to a great life!

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